Financially securing you and your business

Victorstone is a specialist team of financial consultants dedicated to helping you and your business.

Business Loans

Getting your first small business loan is a major milestone. But so is going through the application process! From making the decision to seek financing to putting together a small business loan application.

Asset Finance

Purchasing expensive machinery or other equipment that is vital to growing or maintaining your business is a challenging task, especially for SME’s with tight cash flows.

So it is not surprising that using asset finance as a means to obtaining essential equipment instead of purchasing it outright is one of the fastest growing trends in business finance.

Commercial Mortgages

With our sister company, Victorstone, being an estate agency that manages hundreds of properties, it is not surprising that a great many of our accounts clients are consequently landlords.

Whilst we are not a mortgage broker by profession or trade, we do provide assistance in preparing relevant documents required for commercial mortgages such as buy-to-let.

Bridging Loan

A bridging loan is a type of short term finance that provides a quick solution when other means of finance cannot be arranged or are unsuitable.